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A man in front of a grey SUV wearing a black jacket with a Kootenay Auto Loans logo.

We are Kootenay Auto Loans! When it's time for your next vehicle purchase, turn to our auto financing experts to get you the best interest rates and financing options. Our auto loans team has many years of experience and even have an auto loan program that allows people with no credit, bad credit, collections, bankruptcies, consumer proposals, or debt consolidation to get into the vehicle that they want and need.

Our auto loans specialists work hard to ensure that the vehicle you purchase not only has  all the options you want, but also a payment that you can afford. Our knowledge of how lenders and credit reporting agencies work means that we can help you improve your credit score. After the time of sale, we continue to work with our credit rebuilding clients to ensure that their credit is going in the right direction.

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