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What are subprime auto loans?


Simply put, subprime auto loans are loans for vehicles to people with less than perfect credit. Subprime loans offer a financing option for people who have had financial hiccups in the past. These can be minor such as slow repayments on a phone bill, or major such as repossessions, bankruptcy, consumer proposals, and more.

Simply because they are called subprime auto loans does not mean that they are not approved loans. Here at Kootenay Auto Loans, we deal with many unique lenders for every type of credit. Subprime auto loans are a very viable option for people that want or need a vehicle and traditional financing won’t work for them, or with them.  

Subprime loans are not only in the automotive industry, in fact there are even subprime mortgage lenders! The subprime financing industry has been growing steadily in the last few years and continues to expand in 2021.

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With a subprime auto loan, you will be taking out a loan for the price of the vehicle, including taxes and fees. You will be approved for an interest rate and a repayment plan just like in traditional financing. Subprime auto loans differ from prime auto loans merely in the type of people they serve.

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